How To Build Your Own Box

To make gift giving easy, we have put together some curated boxes for you to choose from on our website; however, we know that everyone is unique and you may want to build your own box! Here’s how:

  1. Click Build Your Own
  2. Add Box to Cart- this will automatically add 5.00 to your cart. This is the price that it will cost us to prepare a unique box for you!
  3. Choose the items to pick! Feel free to use the ‘categories’ link to shop by category
  4. Choose at least 3 items
  5. Remember we can customize the candle… just put what you want candle to say in comments section
  6. Add a card to your box. If you don't want to add a card or put a message on the card, please leave the message box blank. Right before checkout, you will have a "comment box" where you can type out your personal message. We will then hand write your message! 
  7. Complete purchase!