Something Scheduled- Where Gifting Is Made So Simple!

Where we make gift giving as simple and painless as possible! Mom, Sister, Friend, Husband? Regardless of the “role” you are in life, things come up and life gets hectic. Something Scheduled is inspired by all those hard working men and women who try to do it all. 

Something Scheduled How To

With Something Scheduled, you are able to schedule out all your gifting occasions in one sitting. From Anniversaries, Holidays, Birthdays and all those in between, you are able to pull out your calendar and shop for all your recipients at once. From there you will pick and choose the items you’d like to send, write out your card you’d like us to hand write, and confirm. Simple, right?! We will then send you a reminder email 2 weeks prior to the event you’d like the box to be delivered by. If you confirm, your card will then be charged. If you change your mind, hit deny! It’s that easy. Now get to scheduling your something splendid!

Something Scheduled is ideal for:

  • Reminders for big events like Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an Anniversary, and more!
  • College Care Packages - send a box a month (or however often you want!) to your daughter or son as encouragement
  • Random Acts of Kindness - Everyone loves coming home to a surprise package in the mail! Send your friends a nice little gift box to remind them how important they are to you!
  • Client Gifts - Let your clients and employees know that you appreciate all the hard work they give day in and day out! Schedule out your gifting to them with this super easy gifting model.
  • Surprise Gifts for your significant others- instead of sending flowers every once in awhile, you can send a gift box with their favorite items! 

5 key points that set us apart -

  1. Reminder instead of subscription - Most companies use a subscription model that requires you to pay an amount every month. We hate when we get stuck in a subscription that we no longer need to spend money on or just need a few months off from spending. Deny a reminder or even cancel your subscription whenever you’d like to!
  2. No monthly fee - absolutely no cost to mapping out your occasions!
  3. Select your items - Unlike other subscription models, you get to pick out the items you want to send so you know your recipient will enjoy their gift! 
  4. Large variety of items - We allow you to choose from our entire product list. We hope that you can find the perfect little something to give! 
  5. Lasting Impression- From the keepsake box to the handwritten card, your gift will be one that they will remember for a long time!

Delivers on time & free- Shipping charges are not so splendid, so we won’t be charging you shipping! Once confirmed, your gift will arrive to the recipient before the date you have chosen and for free! At Something Splendid, we really do make Gift Giving Easy!

Start Scheduling today!