5 Ways To Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is your chance to give back to the number one woman in your life! Or for a first-time mother, a once in a lifetime moment that she should be able to bask in. After all, a mother is a pillar of strength, a shoulder to cry on, as well as a best friend. This year, remind the mother-figure in your life just how much she means and has impacted your life. Check out our top 5 unique ways to make Mom feel special on Mother's Day this year along with our carefully curated line of Mother’s Day gift boxes, chock-full of love and good intentions!

  • Learn how to make a traditional family favorite recipe.
    • Our great grandmother was known for her homemade strawberry rhubarb pie. Our mom talks about it often and how much it reminds her of her childhood. For this Mother’s Day, we are surprising our mom by learning how to make a homemade pie crust with a strawberry rhubarb filling! 
    • Gift Suggestions: This gift would be the perfect gift! You can put your family recipe on a pie plate in whoever’s handwriting the recipe originated from! 
  • Garden with her!
    • Quality time with mom is what most moms want on Mother’s Day! I love learning how to plant flowers with my mom. It is a memory that I will forever cherish and can use throughout my life. My mom learned how to garden from our grandmother, who's garden is amazing. We always wait to garden until Mother’s Day in Indiana because of the random frosts so it is the perfect activity for Mother's Day!
    • Gift Suggestions: 
  • Make Your Own Cheese with Mom! 
    • We are a very Italian family and we have a love for traveling throughout Italy. Last time we were in Italy, we took a make your own cheese class. Now we can bring this experience home with this kit! Make a fun charcuterie board after you make the cheese and pour a nice glass of wine! Enjoy!! 
    • Gift Suggestions: 
  • Plan a picnic 
    • I am obsessed with picnics and think they are the perfect way to make an ordinary dinner feel extraordinary. Gift your mom this adorable picnic basket and take her on a picnic. 
    • Gift Suggestions: 
  • Make Your Own Macarons With Mom!
    • Making sweet treats with Mom and then enjoying them together? We're in! Try making your own macarons with mom this year! 
    • Gift suggestions: 

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Gifts for the first time mom: 

  • Tea-Riffic Mom Gift BoxThis contains everything she needs to relax over an aromatic cuppa with a good book or magazine in hand. 
  • Mama Bird Gift Box: To the ones who let them soar, this gift box is for them! 

Gifts for the Multi-tasking Mom:

  • To The One Who Rose Me Right Gift BoxIn case you haven’t already, show your appreciation with these goodies, curated to help the mom-on-the-go relax and enjoy some pampering.
  • She's A Wildflower Gift Box: A colorful box that will brighten any recipient’s day, the Rifle Paper Co. goody box is all things stylish yet practical.
  • Go-Getter Mom Gift Box: For the Mom who does it all, our Go-Getter Mom gift box is the perfect mid-week pick-me-up! 

Gifts for Her:

If none of these gift boxes suit your mom’s unique personality or interests, don’t fret! Our easy-to-follow Build Your Own gift box option makes creating a gift box straight from the heart easier than ever. Simply choose from a mix of sweet treats, beauty essentials, self-care goods, as well as household items, all of which can easily be found in our inventory! 

Sending you & mom lots of love!

Elyse, Erynn + Allison 

Owners, Something Splendid

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