Our Team

Our Team

Women Owned and Operated

puppy mom - sister - girl boss

Meet Elyse, Co-Owner

When she isn't curating your gifts, Elyse loves working out, planning parties, playing euchre, and drinking wine. She can’t get enough of traveling the world, decorating her house, or trying new restaurants. 

Three things Elyse thinks are splendid are good-smelling candles, flavored coffee, and slippers.

Elyse’s favorite person/people to give something splendid: friends. In their circle, everyone takes turns being ‘gift fairies’ to each other. They will surprise each other on random holidays with little treats on the doorstep for someone to come home to. There is nothing better than surprising someone with a gift when they least expect it!

Daughter - friend - entrepreneur

Meet Erynn, Co-Owner

When she isn't curating your gifts, Erynn enjoys traveling & experiencing new places, cycling on the Peloton (she's Ally Love's biggest fan), pizza (and ranch) with wine and friends, and summer days out on the lake!

Three things she thinks are splendid? Saturday morning walks with Indie Coffee Roasters in hand, pine scented candles, and sunny days!

Erynn's favorite person/people to give something splendid: her sisters, mom, and friends. The surprise element is what makes all the impact. She loves to give gifts that aren’t necessarily “needed”. From boo-ing her friends in the Fall to sending random “thinking of you” gifts, Erynn finds a lot of joy in giving to friends and family at random moments!

Mom - Entrepreneur - Wife

Meet Allison, Co-Owner

When she isn't curating your gifts, Allison loves planning events, decorating spaces, shopping, hanging with friends, drinking wine, and visiting her happy place, Longboat Key, FL!

Three things Allison thinks are splendid are candles, sitting on a porch with coffee (or wine) in hand enjoying loved ones, and patterned socks.

Allison’s favorite person/people to give something splendid: Truly anyone! Allison loves leaving gifts/surprises on friends' doorsteps for them to come home to or just send them treats or flowers when they need a little happiness in their day. Nothing fills her with more joy than making others feel loved and special.