Gift & Giveback

Each month, we partner with a different foundation that has affected us in some way that we want to give back to. We create a gift box and sell that box during the entire month to then give 10% of the proceeds to the foundation. 

Gift & Giveback is inspired by all our loved ones fighting a battle, we wanted to incorporate giving back to the foundations that have meaning in our lives and hopefully we touch some of you reading this as well. Something Splendid will be choosing a different foundation every month. We will make a curated box for your foundation and 10% of the proceeds will be donated!

To all of you fighting something not so splendid, we see you and are moved by you. 


September: Something Splendid X The Peyton Riekhof Foundation Youth For Hope

  • Provides hope for the youth in the Indianapolis community by educating the community and schools on youth and teen mental health issues and suicide prevention.

October: Something Splendid X IWIN 

  • Supports individuals who are receiving treatment for breast cancer by relieving emotional, physical, and financial burdens