Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

Once you’ve said ‘I do’ it’s time to start planning your big day - and you’ll need a killer bridal party to help tackle your to-do list. But how do you pop the question? And what is a bridesmaid proposal gift that is useful, or at the very least, meaningful? There are a lot of fun and unique options, as well as ways to customize your gift to align with your wedding theme or the recipient's personal interests. 

Gifts for Pampering 

Wedding planning is stressful, not only for the bride but the women tasked with helping make her dream a reality. Help your girls stay feeling fresh and energized with a collection of self-care focused goodies. Including a bath soak or bath bomb, body butter, face mask, and lip balm. To create a cozy environment to relax in at home, you can also include a beautifully scented candle and matches. We also recommend a a warm pair of fuzzy socks for when they get out of the shower or bath!

Bridesmaid Accessories

Being a bridesmaid can get expensive, between the dress, accessories, and pre-wedding events. Give back to your girls with some wedding day accessories and similar gifts, that will take the weight off their shoulders. Make them feel their very best when you provide a delicious rollerball perfume, a luxurious lip scrub, and glowing body lotion. Or give them some meaningful accessories, like a stylish pouch and bracelet. Finally, relieve any wedding day stress with a minimergency kit, stocked with hairspray, safety pins, double sided tape, and more.

Write a Personal Letter

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are the most simple. A letter from the heart is a sweet way to propose to your girls. When writing a bridesmaid proposal card, there are a variety of topics you can cover. From how you met, to the hardships they have helped you overcome, to the way they have supported your relationship. The options are endless! Regardless, it will make for an incredible keepsake. If you’re looking to add on a physical gift, we recommend a personalized piece of jewelry.

A Box of Treats

It’s always exciting to receive a box of treats, from chocolate to pretzels and gummies (especially when they are alcohol infused). This is another fun bridesmaid gift that can be customized, based on whether your bridesmaid-to-be prefers sweet or salty foods. For your sugar loving ‘maids, pack up some chocolate, candied nuts, cookies, and their favorite tea. Those who enjoy a salty snack might enjoy chips, pretzels, or a cheese spread with jam and jelly. 

Bachelorette Party Essentials

Easily the most anticipated wedding task for bridesmaids is the bachelorette party. It’s a fun shindig meant to celebrate the bride, as well as the women who have helped her leading up to the big day. Prepare your ladies for the trip with some party essentials, based on the destination or theme. Such as an acrylic hair clip or trendy hair ties for a beach day. A hydrating eye and lip mask for the morning after a night out on the town. And a hand cream or snacks for trips that require a flight. We also recommend a wine cup or tumbler, preferably with a lid to prevent spills!

Send a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Maybe you aren’t exactly the best at gifting. That’s okay! Bridesmaid proposal boxes exist to take the guesswork out of gifting your girls - and save you from the hassles of shipping. At Something Splendid Co. we have a variety of fun and stylish curated boxes to choose from, including our Classic Bridesmaid Gift Box and Relax Gift Box. Alternatively, pick each item that goes into a box by sifting through our different categories. This route allows you to personalize each box for every member of your bridal party. So you can include a mix of our most popular gifts for bridesmaids, such as wine cups, candles, sweets, and accessories.

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