When It's YOUR Turn to Pop the Question

You’ve said “YES!” but now it’s your turn to pop a very important question -- to your bridal party to-be.

Who you have standing beside you on your big day sets the tone for how the entire wedding day will be. Whether it’s sisters, friends, BFFs, other relatives, sorority sisters or anyone else, inviting them to be a part of your big day is a big deal. Not only are you sharing the day with them, their faces will be in wedding day photos, and their sentiments will be the ones you hear right before you say “I do.”

So, as you sit down and create your bridal party list, take a break and think about your bridal party proposal. Yes, it’s a thing!
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Will You Be My Bridesmaid Candle
Something Splendid has set you up for squeals and happy tears with our latest bridesmaid proposal box. Best yet, we’re saving you time -- helping select and gifts that will bring a smile to each of your bridal party gals’ faces.

Let us help take another to-do off your list, by curating the perfect bridesmaid box. Gift your gals something sweet and special as you ask them to be part of the biggest day of your life and let them get in on the love fest.
Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box
With Something Splendid, convenience is key. We keep you out of the stores, prevent you for scouring countless shops online, but still give you the option to personalize. That way, the gift-giver feels good and the recipient gets their socks knocked off. We’re about gift-giving without the stress, and creating a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience for someone special to you. With some of our favorite local vendors as features, you’ll be supporting local and showing your lady gang just how thoughtful and sentimental you are. It’s a win-win, ahead of the big day--get ready for all the feels!


Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Candle Mask Pouch Gift Box
If our bridesmaid box isn’t the perfect fit, fret not -- you can build your own! One of your favorite things about your squad is how wonderfully different they are, and Something Splendid accommodates and celebrates that -- by offering a variety of goodies to choose from -- something splendid and perfect for each of your someone specials. It’s simple: choose your box select the perfect items for your recipient -- as many as you want! -- choose your card, tell us the message you want handwritten, and we take care of the rest. Easy peasy!

So get to popping that important question (and the champagne!) -- with the help of Something Splendid, we’re sure they’ll say “yes!” too.

Something Splendid

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