Father's Day: Gift Ideas for the Rad Dad

The patriarch of the family, Dad’s are one-of-a-kind! From the corny jokes to the life lessons that we will hold dear to our hearts for a lifetime. Father’s Day is a well-deserved holiday that each and every Dad deserves to celebrate. And there are so many ways to do it! Here are 4 curated gift boxes that any Father will love. Plus, we’re sharing 5 ways to make dad feel special with some ideas for one-on-one quality time.

  1. Get Outside - Father’s Day falls in mid to late June, making it the optimal time to get outdoors before the weather spikes. Consider what his favorite outdoor activities are, whether it be fishing, camping, kayaking, biking, or hiking. It will mean a lot to him that you are willing to partake in his interests. Plus allow you some quality time together!
  2. Cook Together - They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but plenty of men also enjoy cooking. Whip up one of your father’s favorite meals, dessert and all, for the occasion. You can enjoy eating together or include everyone else in your family. Even better if you make a night of it!
  3. Host a Tasting - If your old man enjoys alcohol, you might treat him to some of his favorite spirits. Whether you stock up on his favorite or find something new that aligns with his palate. To make it even more fun, consider hosting a tasting with your close family or his friends.
  4. A Ticket Surprise - Tickets to an upcoming or future event are always a welcome gift. Perhaps to see dad’s favorite sports team or musician. You can purchase however many tickets you like. If you would rather it just be the two of your or an affair for the whole family.
  5. Leave Him to His Own - As much as your father enjoys spending time with you and your family, he also appreciates alone time. This can be especially true for a father who still has younger children or has yet to retire. Consider giving him a short visit and gift before encouraging him to do with the day as he pleases.

To make the day even more special, be sure to check out our Father’s Day collection!

  • The Grill Master: Make dad the ultimate pro in the backyard with all the essentials they need to be a grill master.
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  • Red, White & Brew: From the pool to the beach, this fun American theme gift box is what the American loving dude in your life needs.Wishing you a memorable celebration!
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