Get EGG-cited -- new Easter box now available!

Easter Gift Box Toffee Mask Teleties Notepad Towel

Hello friends!

We hope this post finds you feeling well, on a sunny day. Spring has sprung (thank goodness!) and along with that, we’re excited to introduce our new Easter gift box!

More than ever, a thoughtful gift could make all the difference in someone’s day -- and spirits. Since we can’t all make that neighborhood Easter egg hunt or family brunch, let’s demonstrate love in a different way -- through thoughtful gift-giving!

The new box features:

  • Happy Easter! Dish Towel
  • Egg Stationary
  • Face Mask
  • Jade Roller
  • Happy Easter Toffee
  • Teleties

A little for the home, a bit of self-care, a touch of indulgence, and a whole lot of happiness! 

Deliver that ray of sunshine to someone you cherish, letting them know they’re top of mind and that brighter days are ahead. Something Splendid believes we still have so much to be thankful for. 

In order to ensure our new Easter box will be on your loved one’s doorstep in time for Easter Sunday, please place your order by Wednesday, April 8. 

And don’t forget -- we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders right now. It’s the best time to give!

With love,

Elyse, Erynn and Allison

Ladies of Something Splendid

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