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Hi, all! We hope that with gifting season right around the corner, you find yourself bursting at the seams to treat and cherish those who mean the most to you.

Not too long ago, we started a new blog series on our unique perspectives on gift giving. As a trio, we each have a dynamic approach to how we act as your trusted curators - approaches we're excited to let you in on and share more about. You heard from Elyse, and now it's Erynn's turn. Dive into why she loves what we do, and check out some of her favorite boxes, available for gifting right now!

What's Erynn's gift-giving perspective?

"Don’t get me wrong, gift giving can be a difficult task. But I find so much joy in it, each and every time. I think the best part (for me) is that every recipient is different, finding items that are unique to each recipient's taste and needs is a welcome challenge. At the end of the day, it’s not the cost of a gift, but the thought you put into it that makes the difference in giving."

True or false: the best gifts usually make people cry. 

I would say false! Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are the most unexpected gifts. Some days friends will send me a little message like 'coffee is on me' and that is just as thoughtful as an elaborate gift given. 

What are your thoughts on whether a gift can be TOO THOUGHTFUL? Sometimes people worry that a gift can be too sentimental - what do you say?
I don't think a gift can ever be too thoughtful. I think tasteful, sentimental gifts leave a lasting impression on a person something they will look at and remember being gifted with. 

What are your four favorite boxes at the moment, and why?

  • Hello Pumpkin: Maybe it’s because my birthday is in October, but it's one of my favorite months. I love all things pumpkin-flavored and all the decorations. This box is one of my favorites because it mixes those two things so perfectly.

  • Girls Night In: I’m a sucker for a wine night on the couch. This gift box is the perfect combo for relaxing with a glass of your favorite wine (make mine a Cab!

  • Fabulous Friend: I think now more than ever, we all need a ‘fabulous friend’ or need to be that fabulous friend to someone to someone we know. This fun, pop-of-color gift box is perfect for that! I love all items in this gift box, but especially the Katie Loxton pouches. They are perfect to put in my work bag, and can go from work to dinner at a moment's notice.

  • Custom Little One Gift Box: With my sister having her first baby this winter, I couldn’t be more obsessed with this gift box. I don’t think you’ll find anything like this out on the web. It’s customized just for that little one, and Mom will be so in love with it, too!

So shop like Erynn — from the heart! Whether for an autumn lover, gal pal, fabulous friend or a bundle of joy, Something Splendid is here to help you choose the perfect gifts for your tribe.

With all the love,

Elyse, Erynn + Allison
Owners, Something Splendid

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