Gift & Giveback: Indy Pride

As we slowly emerge from quarantine, it’s more important than ever that we celebrate the world and all the people who inhabit it. Including those who are a part of the LGBTQ community. And what better time than Pride Month, during which cities around the globe will promote the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of members who identify as such. Our team is excited to share that during the entire month of June, a portion of all Something Splendid sales will be donated to Indy Pride!

But first, a little history. In 1995, Indy Pride, Inc. was established as an independent organization governing the annual Celebration on Monument Circle. Only two short years later, and with financial help, it became a tax-exempt organization and established its first office in Fountain Square. In the years following they continued to make giant strides, expanding the festival to be of a previously unimaginable size. With more than 300 vendors, and over 80,000 LGBTQ people and allies in attendance, the event would continue to grow.

Today they present several platforms for entertainment, opportunities, and community growth for the LGBTQ community. The exposure from their work and events has created a massive change in the society of the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. Although “the battle is not won until everyone is equal, the Indy Pride Festival and the Indy Pride Parade are Indiana’s symbol of a growing acceptance in our cultures.”

Something Splendid is proud to support Indy Pride during the month of June, and it is our hope you’ll show support for them all year long - including the upcoming Indy Pride Festival. Whether it be via one-time purchase, a donation, or even volunteering, there are many ways to help advance the amazing work this organization is performing throughout our communities.

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