How To Build Your Own Candle Board

Today we are sharing one of our favorite celebration tips with you- the do it yourself candle board! This candle board is the perfect addition to make any party or celebration extraordinary. It also makes the perfect backdrop for pictures and a great centerpiece for food or drink spreads. And it is honestly so quick and easy to create! 

 All you need is a trip to your local hardware store and access to taper candles of all shapes and sizes. To begin making this board, you need to pick out a piece of wood from the lumber section of your hardware store. Pro Tip: If you do choose to spray paint, you don’t have to splurge on a nice piece wood. If you want a natural finish, we recommend oak board.  Have your local hardware store cut the piece of wood to your desired length (remember the longer the board, the more candles you will need to fill). The board that I use is 2 feet long and has room for 35 candles. 

Use a marker to mark out where you will put the holes on the board. I cut my holes an inch and a half apart and stagger them so they look like the face of five on a dice. Then, use the ¾ inch spade drill bit to drill holes in a staggered motion along the board. Here is a link to the drill bit that I use. You can use a different size drill bit if your taper candles are a little bigger. 

 If desired, spray paint the board whichever color you choose (or leave it natural wood). Purchase taper candles of all different heights and colors to match your celebration! I find my taper candles on amazon and get a mix between 10, 12, and 14 inch candles. 

Voila! You have a candle board to add as a creative touch to your list of party must-haves. Just change the color of the candles for each holiday or celebration! I have quite the collection of taper candles at this point- I use them for every party I throw! 

Our best tip? Never show up to a party empty handed! Remember to bring the best hosting gift with you- A Something Splendid Curated box such as The Stars and Stripes or Red, White, & Brew box. Or you can always build your own box to fit the personality of the host or hostess! 

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