Our Tips & Timeline for Creating The Perfect Corporate Gift


As your go to gifting pros, we want to share with you the best secrets for the perfect corporate gift. 

  1. Give at Random Times of Year
    1. Want to stand out to your employees? Give a gift when they least expect it- most people expect a gift around the holidays. To be appreciated and remembered all the more, gift during a random time of year. Trust us, you will have quite the impact on your employees with this gifting tip. 
  2. Find a “Hero” Piece
    1. We define a hero piece by identifying a theme or one item to build the box around. Once you find your ‘hero’ piece, you can color coordinate the box and find like items to add. It is also important to define what kind of experience you want your recipient to have… do you want them to have a ton of items in the box to open or just a few big items in the box. 
  3. Give Items That May Not Be a “NEED” 
    1. We love the idea of gifting something that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves. Acrylic sticks, a jam spoon, cocktail infusers, cocktail napkins, BBQ bear paws… are they needs? Not really. But are they statement pieces that allow the recipient to have a fun experience while using them? Absolutely! This way, you become a conversation starter in their home when they are using the item! 
  4. Save Branded Items For Marketing Opportunities Only
    1. Don’t get us wrong here.. We loveee the idea of giving branded items. However, we think these are best for work events or marketing opportunities. If you are sending an employee appreciation gift, keep the branding on the thank you card (we offer a complimentary branded card) leave the branding out of the physical items in the box. 

As ALWAYS- we can help in every step of this process. 

Our Timeline: 

Once you reach out, whether you have some of the details nailed down or none of the details nailed down, we will do an introduction through email or phone (whichever you prefer). 

We will then send over a proposal within 24-48 hours of the introduction being completed. 

Once proposal is edited and perfected, we ask 7-14 days to get the items in and the boxes created. We have the ability to get individual boxes to your employees ANYWHERE in US 2 days via Fed Ex express. And... that’s a wrap- you have left a lasting impression with your employees. Isn’t gifting fantastic? 

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