Send More Love with the Splendid Rewards Point System

Are you earning points while you shop with us? Now you can earn points by completing a variety of actions to unlock awesome rewards and save money on gifts for family and friends. Getting started is as simple as signing up with your Email!

Ways to Earn:

  • Email Signup (50 Points) - Sign up so we can keep track of your points, and you can keep up with new products and special deals.
  • Place an Order (1 Dollar = 1 Point) - Send some love, save money! It’s that easy!
  • Follow on Instagram (50 Points) - Find us on Instagram @somethingsplendidco
  • Like on Facebook (50 Points) -  Find us on Facebook @SomethingSplendidCo
  • Share on Facebook (90 Points) - Share on page to help us, help more people send sweet gifts for family and friends!
  • Celebrate a Birthday (40 Points) - Celebrate your birthday, and let us celebrate your birthday too!
  • Referral (5 Dollar Coupon) - Share your exclusive URL with family or friends to help them save $5 on a purchase. For your kindness, and helping our business grow, you’ll receive $5 off following their purchase.

Ways to Redeem:

Complete all of the available actions to redeem points. Then, every time you make a purchase through Something Splendid Co., use the same email to redeem 1 point for every Dollar you spend. Once you have racked up 100 points through the point system, you will be able to save 1 Dollar on a future purchase!

Ready to save? Click here to make a Splendid Rewards Point System account!

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