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There is no doubt about it — COVID has rocked the very foundation on which we all stand. While health is undoubtedly top-of-mind, livelihoods don’t lag far behind, as so many are out on furlough, underemployed or out of work due to the pandemic. In the spirit of doing what we can to prop up some of those who have been negatively impacted by COVID, Something Splendid is happy to shine a light on some of our vendors who could use a little light and love, by sharing products you may want to include in your next Build Your Own purchase:

Zoet Bathlatier

The impact:

In June 2020, Zoet Bathalatier closed their flagship store, located in Pennsylvania, in what owner Ilka Evans referred to as “just one of the casualties of COVID-19”. She has since transitioned her business entirely online.

The product:

Something Splendid is pleased to offer three of Zoet Bathlatier’s bath salts, in Lemongrass & Eucalyptus, Spruce & Ginger, and Rose Geranium & Citrus Himalayan. To add Zoet Bathlatier products to your next Something Splendid order, select the “Pamper” dropdown and locate the bath salts or select “All” from the drop down menu and perform a search for “salt.”

About the brand:

Zoet Bathlatier is an artisan candle and apothecary line with inspiration rooted in nature and culture. Founder Ilka Evans is proud to infuse her products with healing & nurturing properties to help promote & maintain a naturally rich lifestyle. Her candles are inspired by the seasons and journeys traveled for you to enjoy in the home, as her end desire is to provide you with a sense of renewal and well-being within every product.

Hot Crispy Oil

The impact:

In March 2020, a 43-year-old family restaurant in Upstate New York closed its doors for what seemed at that time to only be temporary.  Fast forward a few months and the closure was becoming more apparent to be permanent in nature and thus Hot Crispy Oil was born. What started as a recipe for friends and family created in a shuttered kitchen, began taking on a life of its own.  From a passion to a thriving business.  

A short, few months later, growth was exponential — even on a daily basis. Their team began hiring fellow people in the restaurant industry, who had been laid off from COVID-19.  They grew from local, to regional, to national and are now laying the groundwork for global distribution.  

The product:

A unique recipe of blended extra virgin olive oil, fresh fried garlic, shallots, and chili peppers makes for the perfect combination of heat and flavor. Hand-crafted in small batch style in the state of New York, this one of a kind product makes a great addition to any fully-equipped commercial or home kitchen.

About the brand:

Ideal for cooking, dipping, as dressings, for savory fare and more, Hot Crispy Oil a sure-fire, no-doubt-about it addition to your next pizza, bowl of pasta, bread indulgence, egg dish, salads or anything else that has your mouth watering. The fact that it is Gluten Free, All Natural, and Vegan makes it the ideal gift for anyone who is in the market for a tasty treat, too.

Frankie + Claude

The impact:

Since the onset of the pandemic, Frankie + Claude has unfortunately had to lay off staff, and they lost their Portland studio back in May 2020. 

The product:

These custom colored matches are tucked into a corked glass apothecary jar. A match-striker is affixed to the bottom of the jar. Approx. 100 fancy matches included.When shopping to Build Your Own, select “All” from the drop down menu and perform a search for “matches.”

About the brand:

Frankie + Claude is a thoughtfully designed stationery & lifestyle brand, whose goal is to bring a little more color and humor into everyday life. They celebrate life's moments, big and small (just like Something Splendid!), and remind you to never take yourself too seriously.... because laughter is good for the soul (it's science). 

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, what began as a creative outlet on the kitchen counter-tops of their tiny Portland studio apartment grew to be a thriving little business with a small, talented group of amazing employees. From their hand-lettered greeting cards to pretty and functional matches, their hope is that you discover something truly special.

We know the impact everyone continues to feel from COVID and we are just so thankful to play a continued role in spreading cheer and delivering sunshine to those who need it most. You ALL are in our thoughts and we promise — brighter days are ahead!

With nothing but love,
Elyse, Erynn + Allison
Owners, Something Splendid

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