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Here at Something Splendid, we have a passion for gift giving! We love curating thoughtful, meaningful gifts and sentimental little-somethings sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. We are excited to share a brand new way to celebrate and let your gift recipient know just how special they are -- Something Splendid gift wrap with hand-drawn calligraphy tags. 

With nine card options to choose from, this stylish accent is truly the best way to send a gift. Each tag is hand-drawn by local Indiana artist Tricia Garrett of
Garrett Hand Lettering, you can select the perfect tag to compliment your thoughtful gift. Have more ideas in mind? We’d love to hear from you on social @somethingsplendidco and know what other tags you’d like to see in the future.


No matter which style you choose, let the calligraphy integrate a feeling of nostalgia and romance. After all, there's nothing more meaningful than handwritten in this digital age. And that’s exactly why our handwritten notecards (standard with every gift box) and personalized touches stand out to the recipients of our boxes. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, recognizing a special day, gifting to a special couple or extending a heartfelt thanks, our calligraphy tags let that someone special know just how you feel before the unboxing. It sets the tone and gets those warm-fuzzies flowing before the gift is even opened. Best yet, it shows your recipient just how special they are to you -- and that the gift was chosen by you especially for them -- how splendid!


Something Splendid 

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