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For the entire month of November, every time you purchase the Fill Up Your Cup Gift Box, 10% of that sale goes directly to Cocktails & Chemo! 
About Cocktails & Chemo
Cocktails & Chemo started as a blog for Joe and Amanda Clark to share their personal account as a young couple facing a deadly disease. Joe was diagnosed with colon cancer when he was 28 years old. When Joe died in 2014, Amanda felt a calling to recognize other caregivers like herself in her late husband’s honor. Everything the foundation does is rooted in Joe’s wonderful message to, “Live Loud. Love Deep. Cry Hard & Take More Pictures.” 

Cocktails & Chemo gives care cards, hosts support groups, & provides grants to caregivers in need.  
Why This Foundation? 
Cocktails & Chemo supports the often forgotten caregivers. Caregiving can be a lonely, thankless job and helping caregivers feel supported and find others who ‘get it’ is at the center of everything at The Cocktails & Chemo Foundation. 
Our Goal

Our hope is that the care package will provide comfort on the hard days to all of the caregivers out there and to always remember to look at your glass half full!

What Is In This Gift Box!

This gift box is perfect for all caregivers and someone who needs a little reminder to "fill up their cup" today! After all, you can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first! 

  1. Evelyn Henson Confetti Heart Mug- Start or end your day with a glass half full mindset with this adorable heart mug.
  2. Pinky Up Vanilla Chai Tea- "Have your tea and drink it too!" This loose leaf vanilla chai tea is a fan favorite! Enjoy it with some milk or steep in water. It comes with enough flavor to stand on its own!
  3. LAPCOS Pearl Face Mask- Brightening sheet face mask for the simplest way of self care!
  4. Rose Gold Heart Tea Infuser- Why use a plain old tea ball when you can have a rose gold heart instead? 
  5. Hand Written Card- Please write your card message in your order notes and we will beautifully hand write your message on our cards!

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