Something Splendid x The Peyton Riekhof Foundation for Youth Hope

Gift & Giveback features The Peyton Riekhof Foundation for Youth Hope! 

For the entire month of September, every time you purchase the You Matter Gift Box, 10% of that sale goes directly to TPRFYH! 


  • The Peyton Riekhof Foundation for Youth Hope provides hope for the youth in the Indianapolis community. They work to educate our community and schools on youth and teen mental health issues and suicide prevention. They provide and support community services and programs that decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness. 

    Why This Foundation?

    • Have you ever found a person and you instantly click with them and have The Step Brothers Moment- "did we just become best friends?"?? That was Peyton and I! We become friends through softball and very quickly carried our friendship off the field. She introduced me to some amazing people and taught me a very important life lesson - cherish everyday and always thank God for the people He places in your life. -Erynn

    Our Hope

    • Our hope is that this gift box lights up a big smile on someone's face who may need it (even if they don't need one!). Let's help give life to the name of this gift box and let everyone know that "You Matter". 
    • PS- This mug is exclusive to the You Matter Gift Box and can only be purchased within this box! Don't forget to make a difference today!

      You Matter Gift Box 

      This gift box is perfect to let your loved one's know that they matter! Send as a care package, self care, or to say hello! You will make a difference in someone's day when they receive this beautiful gift box.

      • You Matter Custom Candle- This 6 oz candle encompasses the whole box, that you matter! We custom made this candle just for this box bringing in the butterfly from the foundation. Set this on your counter as a daily reminder that you matter!
      • You Make A Difference, That's All Mug- Simple and encouraging. This mug is perfect for all tea and coffee lovers to start off their day on a positive note! 
      • Michel Design Tranquility Bath Bomb- This bath bomb release essential oils into the water adding a delicate scent in the air. Create your own personal spa!
      • LAPCOS Aqua Face Mask- Hydrating sheet face mask for the simplest way of self care! 

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