Support Small, Local Indiana Businesses 

At Something Splendid we’re all about supporting small, local businesses - being one ourselves! Shopping locally is so important, for a variety of reasons. For one, it creates local jobs, meaning you are directly contributing to your community by boosting the economy. For a business owner, it encourages their innovation and promotes individuality. Everybody wins!

When you shop with us, you are supporting a variety of businesses, including local vendors based in Indiana. Take a look at some of the businesses we have partnered with that are based right here in beautiful Indiana.

Happy Peanut Butter

Made in small batches and featuring delicious flavors, B. Happy Peanut Butter is a peanut butter addict’s dream come true! It’s so good, so unique, and so addictive that you would want to “just eat it with a spoon.” We currently carry flavors ‘So Happy Together’, a Peanut Butter with Snickerdoodle. And ‘Dream Big, with crunchy pretzel pieces and white chocolate chips in honey roasted peanut butter.

Amazing Hazel’s

A small-batch, artisan company, Amazing Hazel’s produces products with a delicious kick. We stock their vegan, gluten-free, vegan, and all-natural Premium Bloody Mary Mix. More flavorful than powerful, it has a heat rating of 3.5 out of 10. It’s amazing for drinking straight or with your favorite additive.


If you’re on the hunt for ethical and effective lip and body balms, check out Bitchstix. Their line of cruelty-free lip and body balms is backed by a mission, to support survivors of domestic violence. Try out their Very Raspberry or Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm. They’re made with organic ingredients, including aromatherapy-grade essential oils.

Breathe Free Essentials

Somedays you don't have time to take a moment for yourself, this is why the Breathe Free Essentials personal aromatherapy is the perfect gift for the go-getters. Made with soothing essential oils, you will unwind in moments. We stock ‘Relaxing’ (lavender + clary sage + marjoram) and ‘Soothing’ (menthol + eucalyptus + tea tree).

Just Pop In!

Gourmet popcorn perfection! That’s about all we have to say about Just Pop In!, which develops playful and scrumptious recipes for the nostalgic snack and places them in thoughtful and snappy packaging. Try out their sharp yellow cheddar and caramel corn, their prized origin popcorn.

Rosie's Cookies

Freshly baked right in our hometown, Rosie’s Cookies is a restaurant that became famed for its delicious gooey butter cookies. A take-off of the famous St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake, they have a cream cheesy, buttery gooeyness. Their 2-pack is are our team’s favorites!

Indie Coffee Roasters

Made locally in Carmel, IN, India Coffee Roasters delivers world-class coffee, fetched from around the world and brought straight to you. Their fresh whole coffee beans are rich and feature unique flavors! We currently stock a 12 oz. bag with a full body and medium acidity.

You can find almost any of these products in one of our curated gift boxes, or feel free to Build Your Own gift box and pile it high with products from locally-owned businesses. Looking for another way to support them? Consider following their social media pages! 

Happy Shopping!

Elyse, Erynn + Allison

Owners, Something Splendid

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