Unique Corporate Gifts | Do's and Don'ts

It is important to show your support and appreciation of the people who back, work for, and buy from, your brand. Corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways to say thank you, whether you are looking to do so quarterly or annually. Today we are sharing our tips for corporate gifts, including some of our favorite unique corporate gift ideas. Plus, learn how Something Splending can help you create a customized corporate gift that is sure to impress.

Tips for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting isn’t easy! It takes some thought, and maybe even a little research into the recipients. Here are a few tips for corporate gifting that will ensure it is a worthwhile investment - and does not reflect poorly on your brand.

  • Avoid items that you yourself would not want. If you don’t want it, why would someone else?
  • Consider items that a person would want, but might not be willing to buy for themselves - especially if you are leaning towards a luxury gift.
  • Multifunctional items that can be used both at home and in the office, are best.
  • Items that benefit people beyond the initial recipient are always fun. Think of who else might use the gift- friends, family, coworkers etc. This is a great way to ensure the gift will always be enjoyed.
  • Incorporate your morals in the gift. If supporting local, other small businesses, woman owned is important, support those businesses when sending a gift,  even if it is just a small add-on, such as food or a gift card.
  • Aim to be inclusive. Try to think of products that everyone would benefit from and not just a portion of people.
  • Don’t over brand. It's okay to feature your company logo or colors, but don’t make it the focus of the product. This can actually deter people from using it altogether - especially higher end gifts. People typically remember who sent them a gift when its quality and unique, no need to brand it for them to recall.
  • Stray from knick knacks. Don’t contribute to waste by investing in nonfunctional gifts. This can also put a burden on the recipient, who has to throw it away. 

Corporate Gift Ideas

Are you lacking corporate gift ideas, or just tired of handing out company emblazoned coffee cups? Not to worry! We’ve compiled a small list of unique corporate gifts that most anyone would be happy to receive - even if it is a repeat gift. 

  1. Yeti Tumblers - Yeti is a well known brand that people will be happy to receive time and time again. It is also versatile considering it can hold both hot and cold drinks.
  2. Wireless Earphones - This gift is useful at work and at home, and for a variety of hobbies.
  3. Coffee French Press- Up their coffee game this year with a branded coffee french press that the whole office or family can enjoy. 
  4. Bali Bamboo Water Bottle- A client favorite in 2022 for us. This water bottle is sleek and convenient and looks even better when you add your logo to it.
  5. Go-Getter Gift Box - A stylish gift box packed with functional high-quality goodies, including a Tech Kit, Notebook, and Corkcicle Canteen.
  6. Bluetooth Speaker - People don’t tend to invest in high quality speakers for themselves, but it is a gift that anyone would be eager to receive as a gift.
  7. Thule Tech Bag - This tech bag is perfect for packing and safekeeping all of a person’s devices and charging cables - especially to and from the office.
  8. Rise & Grind Gift Box - This gift box is filled with must-have items for a successful day, including chocolate, a candle, and a Porter Mug. 

Customized Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to encourage company culture and boost brand awareness are with customized corporate gifts. At Something Splendid, we offer hand-packaged, personalized client and employee appreciation gifts that are on brand and on trend. With the ability to include many items versus just one, we can help extend your gratitude with a gift box full of thoughtful items.

Incorporating your company logo and colors is easy, and we are happy to work with you to customize the products and the packaging. Click here to fill out our Corporate Gifting Form to get started!

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