We interrupt your regularly scheduled life... with this disruption!

Perspective is everything, right? Lately, we’ve all had the opportunity to reflect on just what matters in life. Still, because we are each perfectly imperfect humans, it’s natural to feel disappointment when life throws you a curve ball - especially if that curve ball impacts a milestone, much-anticipated life event, such as a wedding or engagement, baby celebration, graduation or anything else of personal significance. After all, it’s moments like those that often help us muddle through the lesser-than-desirable moments in life. The big stuff is so great to look forward to!

If you know someone who has had to postpone or altogether forego a big day, send them a little reminder that they are loved and good things lie ahead. Send them a little something to let them know that although their plans may have changed, your wishes for them remain the same — a healthy baby, a loving marriage, a strong start in college, or whatever else their journey may hold. There’s no doubt that life has been shaken up a bit, for everyone, but what if your act of kindness could completely shift someone’s perspective on moving forward despite a disappointing turn of events? What if you could literally offer up the silver lining!?

Something Splendid was created to help you celebrate all of life’s moments -- from the major ones like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, to the small-but-mighty ones like Best Friends Day or Aunt and Uncle Day (stay tuned, that’s July 26th!). More than ever, we want to help you deliver sunshine when life feels a little displaced and interrupted, with our curated boxes, or by helping you build your own packed-full-of-love gift box. And there’s no telling what a handwritten note can do for someone’s spirit!

Our advice if you’re the one whose celebration was disrupted? Find a reason and a person to celebrate and let them know they’re on your mind and in your heart. The best thing we can do at a time like this is show more love. The world needs it and we think you’ll feel a little pep in your step making someone’s day. 

Still, be kind to yourself -- give yourself the grace to feel the disappointment of a disrupted life event, then channel that into acts of kindness for others. You’ll be glad you did. There’s no reason too small to send someone a little something splendid!

Use code "CELEBRATION10" at checkout to save 10% on all purchases, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all curated and Build Your Own boxes. Then, hop on over to Instagram and tag a friend who has faced a celebration disruption recently and THEY could win a box.

With love,
Erynn, Elyse + Allison

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