Starting 2021 with compassion and hope.

The new year is here! If you’re reading this, we send love your way, knowing just how impactful (and downright challenging) 2020 was, for all. We remain hopeful that this year will be all you hope and dream it to be, thus we're happy to share some tips for starting things out on a positive foot:
  1. Frame 2020 as a lesson to learn, not misery to endure forevermore. Reflect on what you learned from the difficulties of 2020 and use them as stepping-stones, instead of roadblocks. Look back at all you overcame and make a note-to-self so that next time you face similar challenges, you can dip back into your memory and rise above whatever is to come. Look at 2020 as happening for you instead of to you. It’ll make it easier to walk away from with a positive mindset for the year ahead.
  2. Practice gratitude every day. Sometimes you’ll be overwhelmed with it, other times you’ll need to force yourself into it, but don’t let a single day of 2021 go by without demonstrating and practicing thanks. Whether thanking your kiddos for eating their vegetables at dinner, waving at your neighborhood mail-person when you catch them at the mailbox, or sending a little Something Splendid to someone who is worthy of a little heart-hug, be sure to give thanks in the big and small ways, all year long.
  3. Seek out and recognize opportunity when it presents itself. Not every opportunity is one you’ll want to take, but train your eye to see them every chance you get! Ask yourself questions like “how can I make this situation work to my benefit?” or “What’s the positive that can come from this, and for who?” Creating a habit to see the positive will set you up for a year of success and happiness.
In the spirit of getting into a routine of gratitude, we’re happy to share four boxes we think are perfect to send to your loved ones “just because”.

A Toast to the New Year 

Perfect for ringing in the new year, this box is full of all things celebratory! Includes the best smelling candle we’ve ever laid our noses on (thanks Voluspa!), an elegant old world champagne ornament, and a champagne flute notepad. 

Soak Your Worries Away

Is there anything a good soak in the tub can’t solve? We think not. You’ll have everything you need to breathe in peace and serenity, including bath salts, exfoliating and cleansing pads and a silver, satin eye mask.

Hot Cocoa Kit Gift Box

Need a reason to indulge? This box is it! Extend the holiday season well into January (or beyond!) with some decadent hot chocolate mix, a walnut Corkcicle mug, an adorable set of Sky Outfitters socks and some downright-delicious chocolate from Best Chocolate in Town.

Pamper Gift Box

Start the new year treating yourself the way you always should - with a little pampering! Set the mood with a Voluspa French Cade Lavender candle, LAPCOS skin mask, some MAST Lavender chocolate, some Lavender Sage Hand Cream and a must-have Be Calm patch.

As for what to look forward to when it comes to Something Splendid in 2021? We’ve got some fun surprises in store! One thing you can look forward to is more collections -- that is, more boxes that fall under a certain category, such as “Christmas” or “Valentine’s Day”. We want to bring you as many curated options as your entire recipient list needs, as we so appreciate how you entrust us with your gift-giving!

As we look ahead to 2021 and all its bright points, we must also say thank you — you blew us away with your love and support in 2020 and we are forever grateful for believing in us and our mission to celebrate all of life’s occasions: big and small.

Here’s to a bright, happy, healthy 2021 for all!

Your 2021 enthusiasts,
Elyse, Erynn + Allison
Owners, Something Splendid

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