Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

It’s that season again and love is in the air! Sharing in the joy of witnessing a friend’s big day is a beautiful occasion for all involved. Getting the newlyweds-to-be a memorable gift is a way of showing your appreciation and well wishes for them. 

Have you recently been invited to a friend’s wedding? You are probably thinking about what gift to give them on their wedding day. We understand that finding a wedding gift can be tricky, especially if you want to give the couple something unique and memorable. It’s tough to decide which wedding gift is the best with the numerous options available!

If you are still shopping around for the perfect gift to buy for your friend’s big day, below we’ve narrowed some options down in this list of special gifts they will be sure to love!

Customized Wedding Frame

There’s nothing better than receiving a personalized gift on your wedding day. When thinking about wedding gift ideas for friends, a customized photo frame should be on your list. Wedding picture frames can come in crystal and glass, making it easy for your friends to keep and cherish the most important day of their lives forever.

Book Sets for The Couple

For your bookworm BFF, a book collection of classic love poems is an ideal wedding gift. A beautiful box set of books can also serve as a reminder of their eternal love for each other through the changing seasons of life. If you want to make your gift unique, you can write a passage of your friend’s favorite quote on the first page to give them a heartwarming surprise when they open it.

Unique Houseplants

Do you want to give a simple yet thoughtful wedding gift? Houseplants are a perfect addition to the newlywed’s home! It’s not just a wedding gift; it could be a reminder of your friendship, too! Houseplants are sustainable gifts that are environmentally friendly and could double as a symbol of a love that’s growing and lasting. There are plenty of great choices for houseplants that last for many years, from peace lilies to indoor bonsai trees!

Kitchenware Essentials

A practical gift like kitchenware never goes out of style! When the couple starts building their home, your kitchenware gift will be an indispensable part of their household items. You will never run out of options, from a blender to customized cutting boards, kitchenware is something that is used daily and will be cherished by the couple for years to come. 

Wedding Gift Ideas For Friends: Special Gift Boxes

There are plenty of wedding gift ideas everywhere you look, but if you want to make your wedding gift extra special and worth remembering, a curated gift box offers plenty of surprises.

A good box of curated gift ideas: Why switch to it?

Ran out of wedding gift ideas? A curated gift box is a timeless gift! For sure, trying to figure out what a perfect wedding gift would be hard enough, but curated gift boxes are unique and personalized because of the following reasons: 

Add a Personalized Touch

Level up your gift-giving game by getting curated wedding gifts for your friend, from Bridesmaids Gift Box and Just Married Gift Box to Best Wishes For The Mrs. Gift Box. There are plenty of curated gift boxes you can choose from to make your gifts more meaningful for the newly wedded couple!

Superb quality

The team working on the curated gift box works hard to deliver beyond expectation. Every part of the gift inside the box, from handwritten cards to personalized towels, is well thought out and uniquely combined.

Perfect For The Occasion

From engagement gift ideas to corporate gifting, a curated gift box comes in handy for all occasions. You’ll want to give your friends a thoughtful gift on their special day, so why not pick something they will truly cherish and remember for the rest of their married life.

Support Local Brands

Besides making your wedding gift special and unique, you are also supporting local businesses when you pick curated gift boxes. Most companies partner with local brands to provide you with impeccable gift pieces that your newlywed friends would appreciate. This way, you will also help raise awareness for local and small businesses so they can share their products and services with others in a meaningful way.

Build Your Own Unique Gift Box With Something Splendid

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Something Splendid is passionate about gift-giving and we love celebrating all of life’s occasions - big and small. We will simplify the entire gift-giving process by working as your curator and concierge. We pick only the most unique, high-quality, highly desirable, and often locally-made gifts, those we use and love. 

You can choose from our curated collection of gift boxes or build your own to reflect the style of the recipient and the occasion! Contact us today to learn more.

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