Why Holiday Gifts for Employees are a Worthy Investment

Employee burnout is on the rise, with the modern day workforce expressing displeasure for the corporate work environment and a serious lack of appreciation from higher ups. Thankfully, this situation can be remedied with some simple shifts in company culture. Plus, some well thought out gift giving! Holiday gifts for employees are not only a great way to boost morale, but to give back to the people working behind the scenes to keep a business up and running. Take a look at some of the ways you can ensure that your employees are feeling appreciated throughout the year, with ideas for each holiday in the calendar year! These gifts will show them that you are not only invested in their work, but their overall health and happiness.

New Years

The start of the New Year is all about starting over. Making it the perfect time to up your employee appreciation game! There are a lot of ways you can kick the year off right, but one of our favorite methods are gifts that will leave your employees feeling refreshed and reenergized. We have a variety of gift boxes for pampering, including the Relax Gift Box and Breathe Deeply Gift Box.


Valentine’s Day

Although it is a less popular holiday for gifting, there is certainly no rule against it! Send a little love your employees way with a small but meaningful gift box complete with some sweets. Such as the Rise & Grind or A Little Thank You gift boxes. Or, for women-run businesses, the You Had Me at Merlot features a bundle of red themed products!


Whether you are a religious organization or not, Easter is a joyous holiday to celebrate! It’s also a great opportunity to put a little pep in your team’s step with some cheerful gift boxes. Consider the sophisticated Green With Envy Gift Box. Or the more casual and bubbly, Oh Sweet Spring Gift Box.

Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most underrated holidays in our book. And one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with a casual, all-American themed gift box. Our Grill Master Gift Set is always a hit in the office - especially with a weekend of cookouts lined up. As is the Everybloody Need Somebody, for the frequent home host. 


Thanksgiving is a celebration that is all about showing appreciation, making it the perfect time to send an extra thoughtful employee gift. Around this time of year we like to offer themed boxes, but other great options are boxes complete with home goods or some items for self-care. Such as our Thank You Very Much Gift Box.


If there is one time of year that employees expect a gift, it is at Christmas - so let’s not disappoint! We always offer seasonal themed gift boxes, and products, for this time a year. Alternatively, customize a box for your employees, filled with Christmas-inspired sweets and cozy winter products.



A birthday is a holiday to each individual - and an important day to celebrate! It is also a holiday that you as an employee should not miss. Why? It’s the most personal holiday you can acknowledge. And with our Let’s Celebrate Gift Box, it’s easier than ever to send happy wishes your employees way.


Ready to line up some holiday gifts for your employees? Check out our complete list of curated gift boxes, or build your own featuring branded gifts. At Something Splendid Co. we house items for free and ship them as requested (within 48 business hours after the order was placed) to ensure every gift arrives on time.

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