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When Something Splendid said we were committed to reflecting and learning, we meant it. Since our announcement about our Gift + Giveback  initiative to benefit the National Coalition of 100 Black Women - Indianapolis, we’ve sought out ways to be more inclusive of black and minority-owned businesses throughout Indy and beyond. Today, we’re excited to share some more details! 

We’re happy to report we have NEW products available for you to include in your Build Your Own boxes; products you can gift, while getting in on the fun of supporting other female, minority-owned businesses! Check out all the NEW options: 

  1. Teaspressa — Teaspressa represents a lifestyle, a way of being. It stands for good health and the courageous, unflinching pursuit of big ideas. It stands for luxurious self-treatment and serves as a reminder of individual self-worth. It stands for slowing down a little and taking time to truly celebrate life. Of course it also stands for the big, bold, delicious flavors and high quality products that it offers. But most of all, it stands for the thriving community that it serves.

Allison DeVane, founder of TEASPRESSA™ and Tea & Toast Co. has been a coffee and tea lover long before her career started. Allison grew up around the world exploring niche coffee shops with her father, sparking her love for all things coffee. She saw an opportunity to create her own culture and brand of tea and decided to start Teaspressa. 

What you can expect:

      • OLD FASHIONED | LUXE Sugar Cube: Drop one cube in a shot of whiskey, add ice, and voila you have an instant Old Fashioned! One cube packs all the bitters and even the fresh orange garnish component to make for a quick drink on the go, at home, or in the air!
      • MIMOSA KIT: This is a HOT new seller. A complete set of all of our mini LUXE BUBBLIES Sugar Cubes: Strawberry, Raspberry, and Peach. Just drop one Peach cube into a glass of champagne to make an instant bellini for example!
      • MANHATTAN BLACK | Tea Ja:Bold and toasty with chocolate notes. Meet our classic coffee alternative! Expect a full and robust flavor, this is a specially crafted loose leaf black tea that is sure to inspire even the most dedicated of coffee lovers! This tea pairs best with full-flavoured foods: think meat and other - similarly hearty - dishes!
      • ROSE | LUXE Sugar Stick: The Rose sugar cubes are a delicate infusion of fresh rose extract and cane sugar. An all natural sugar cube, naturally infused and made locally. These cubes feature a beautiful taste of freshly picked garden rose on a new spring day.

  1. Chanvre Naturals — Chanvre Naturals is committed to providing quality products that are ethically sourced. They are an all natural Hemp based product line that began as an answer to my personal needs and as a way to give back.

What You Can Expect: 

      • Rose Glow Facial Oil 2 Oz: Awaken your skin with rose blossom scented lightweight facial oil that aims to brighten, moisturize and hydrate the skin. This silky smooth facial oil creates a radiant, dewy glow that restores, adores and harmonizes every face adorned by its grace. The floral glory of Rose Glow Facial Oil possesses an exceptional affinity for wise skin and skin requiring gentle care. Infused with Sea Kelp extract, natural oils and multiple skin moisturizing ingredients to soften skin for a radiant glow.

Products Coming Soon…

  1. Zoet Bathlatier an artisan candle and apothecary line with inspiration rooted in nature and culture. Our desire is to provide you with a sense of renewal and well-being within every product. Our candles are inspired by the seasons and journeys traveled for you to enjoy in the home. It is our mission to create nature-inspired products that beautify your body, skin, and soul as well as placing them in pretty, yet simple packaging that sits well in any home.

Founder Ilka Evans is a proud, biracial woman and full time, single mother of two. She started making skincare because of her  love of creating with botanicals and finding something that would work for her unique skin.

What You Can Expect: 

      • Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salt: Use this combination of dead sea salt and pacific sea salt, for a relaxing and therapeutic bath. The salts are believed to draw out toxins from the body, re-mineralize and soften skin. 16-ounce size. Testers are available on every third order.
      • Spruce & Ginger Bath Salt: Pacific sea salt combines with Epsom salt, for a relaxing and therapeutic bath. This deeply relaxing blend of spruce and ginger essential oils add to warming and calming bathing experience. 16-ounce size.
      • Rose Geranium & Citrus Himalayan Bath Salt: Use this combination of mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and dead sea salt, for a relaxing and therapeutic bath. The salts are believed to draw out toxins from the body, re-mineralize and soften skin. 16 oz.

  1. Oh Mazing Granola Oh-Mazing passionately crafts small-batch granola snacks from our Washington, DC kitchen. Owner, Stephanie Williams, believes that snacks should be tasty, convenient and made from scratch, but she couldn’t find a brand that shared her values on the shelves at grocery stores. Over time, she developed her own granola recipe to provide an alternative to some of the unhealthy snacks found on grocery store shelves. The snack instantly became a hit among her family, friends, and community. After having two children, Stephanie resigned from her job to spend more precious time with them and to create an abundance of Oh-Mazing! Moments.

What You Can Expect: 

      • Original 9oz bag:The Original blend has a sweet caramel flavor that makes it simply delicious. There are so many ways to enjoy this treat--topping on your yogurt, adding some crunch to your favorite ice cream, or creating a crust for a cheesecake. 
      • Cranberry Orange 9oz. Bag: sweet orange and tart cranberry flavors compliment each other perfectly to create a delectable treat. The large clusters make it easy to eat and the perfect on-the-go snack. Try it with yogurt or use it as a topping on your favorite ice cream. Nut-free and made with gluten-free oats.

Our hearts are full knowing we are aligning with strong, female and minority-owned businesses. We are so excited to hear what you think of the products and are so glad to be showing support to our fellow lady-preneurs. As always, thank you for your support!

With love and excitement,
Elyse, Erynn + Allison
Owners, Something Splendid

PS - As always, we’re thrilled to offer FREE SHIPPING on every order and 10% off with code CELEBRATION10.

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